Prevent nuisance from pigeons in your garden

It is a great annoyance for many garden owners, pigeon nuisance. Not only the physical presence of the pigeon itself is a nuisance. No, it is mainly what the pigeon entails. Nests with possible diseases and contamination from excrement. Pigeon droppings have a caustic effect and can cause permanent damage to garden furniture, car or the house itself. Now a single pigeon does not seem so bad, but a pigeon is stable and keeps coming back to its favorite spots. No matter how often you run after it with the broom. Because Dutch legislation protects most pigeon species, the solutions to get rid of pigeon nuisance are few. We asked Avonda Fauna Management for some DIY tips to prevent pigeon nuisance.

How do you prevent nuisance caused by pigeons?
The forms of pigeon nuisance are different. From a pooped facade to diseases that the animals carry. Broadly speaking, the different nuisance forms correspond, so that we can give a number of general tips so that you can prevent them from visiting your garden. A pigeon returns when a spot is comfortable. The tips below respond to making places where pigeons can sit as uncomfortable as possible. In this way, the pigeons do not come into your garden, but seek refuge in someone else’s.

Reflection / Mirrors
By reflecting light with, for example, mirrors or even CDs, pigeons are startled during their landing by a possible danger (the reflection of the light). As a result, they often choose a different, safer place.
A slightly more expensive approach is to install the so-called “Bird Free Gel”. This is a container that can be placed on the fence. To the birds, the gel looks like fire and they won’t want to land near it.