Hedgeplants Heijnen

When horticulturists or landscapers design a garden, based on the shape and location of the soil, they often look at the cover plants first. As one of the main compositional elements of a garden and in planning the further development of your garden design, the following questions often arise: “Where should hedge plants be? And the privacy of homeowners? Attracting a species of bird? special? A winter or deciduous hedge?

“Because a hedge plant is not just any plant. It plays a crucial role. Heijnen fully appreciates this, so our customers can choose from a wide range of hedgeplants Heijnen. Coniferous hedge plants, Taxus, boxwood or a beech hedge, we can supply it. Guaranteed, because we buy directly and on a large scale. This also gives our customers an added benefit.

Because they buy at very competitive prices and receive the highest quality. Win you win. The customer is happy and so are we. Assortment We have a wide variety of cover plants. In addition to the above, we also offer:

  • Prunus
  • LigustrumIlex
  • Photinia
  • And many more …


Whatever you need, we always deliver exactly what you ask for. In addition, many years of experience allow us to offer professional advice. Hedges Ready instant topping, grown in troughs, is gaining popularity with those looking for instant impact.

While there are other ways to get a good tall hedge pretty quickly (rooted hedge plants and even large potted plants), nothing quite compares to the fact that vacuum-grown instant hedges are already woven and trimmed on the sides and top. so that when it’s planted, it looks like it’s been there forever. This saves at least a couple of years on high-density planting of any other type of plant.