Creating height differences in your garden

Height difference in your garden is a good way to add dynamism to your garden. You can create a difference in height in different ways. Consider, for example, a raised terrace or a sitting pit. In this article I describe four ways to make height differences in your garden. Sitting pit A sitting pit is

Lavender, the south in your garden

Lavender is a popular plant. Understandable, because the wonderful scent of the leaves and flowers and the beautiful purple bloom make every garden a piece of France. Varieties of lavender The common or English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is actually not a herb, but a small shrub. The plant has been cultivated for centuries by pharmacists

3 x the most beautiful garden plants for full sun

Which plants are suitable for the sunniest and warmest parts of your garden? There are many garden plants that like a combination of sun and shade. But plants that can withstand a position with sun all day long: you have to choose them carefully. Especially if the plant is in a pot, the root system