3 x the most beautiful garden plants for full sun

Which plants are suitable for the sunniest and warmest parts of your garden? There are many garden plants that like a combination of sun and shade. But plants that can withstand a position with sun all day long: you have to choose them carefully. Especially if the plant is in a pot, the root system can become very hot in the sun. Few garden plants can withstand this. We list the three most beautiful and versatile options here.

The Japanese Maple

The beautiful Japanese Maple is known for its special leaf shape and impressive colours. There are several colors available, with the red being by far the most seen. These red varieties turn a shade darker red in the fall and are truly a feast for the eyes! And the great thing about this exotic-looking tree is that it grows native to our climate.

There are many varieties of the Japanese Maple available. So there is always one that is suitable for your garden, or even balcony. There are species that you can keep as a shrub, and species that grow up to 10 meters high! Most varieties will do just fine in full sun. In fact, a Japanese Maple needs a lot of sunlight to maintain its red colors. If the plant gets too little sun, the colors will fade.

A small caveat is in order here. There are a small number of Japanese Maple species that are not suitable for a position where the sun is on all day. Please pay attention to this when purchasing. These require a place where the sun does not shine on the leaves in the afternoon. If this does happen, leaf burn can occur. Especially with the young trees. If the trees are a bit older, the problem is less.